Flexible Aluminum Foil duct

Flexible Aluminum Foil duct

Grab the High Quality Aluminum Foil Flexible Duct

Suzhou Dake JingFeng Pipe Co. Limited (Dakemach) has been among the leading and sought-after aluminum foil flexible duct suppliers in China since 1996. We have all the resources and abilities to take our customers’ business to a new level.

Whether you have a small-scale business or you are an aluminum foil flexible duct retailer, we can help you scale your business and fulfill your order quantity.

Our unique selling proposition is our client relationship. We go deep down to know what customers’ pain points are and we offer the solutions in line with their pain. Our customer relationship from the order to delivery is exemplary.

Why Choose Us

Manufacturing Facility

Dakemach owns a state-of-the-art production facility for aluminum foil duct manufacturing. We take into account every aspect of production; all from start to finish.

By operating our facility, we always assure to provide the flexible aluminum duct and other products of the highest quality that meet international standards.


Dakemach has more than 20 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and engineering top-quality plumbing and appliance installation products including the flexible aluminum foil duct. Through our experience, we know how to cater to our customer’s demands in every aspect.

What Sets Us Apart

Latest Technology

We are aware of what is happening in the world of flex ducts. We always use cutting-edge technology to identify buyers’ needs and quickly resolve their issues. Our clientele for aluminum foil flexible duct and other products is growing year after year as a result of this characteristic.

Top Sourcing

We always make it a point to source raw materials from the market’s top suppliers. We know that by using high-quality raw materials, we can produce better-finished products. As a result, our sourcing is a major area of strength that draws buyers to us.

Experienced Team

Our team has accumulated rich design and manufacturing experience in foil ducts, non insulated flex ducts, and other products that set us apart from others. Due to experience, we are rated among the established aluminum foil duct suppliers in China.

Latest Technology

We always rely on cutting-edge technology to ensure that our customers are aware of what is “In.” Because we cater to B2B customers, we make certain that we use cutting-edge technology so that end-users are never dissatisfied with flexible aluminum foil duct or any other product.


This duct consists of aluminum foil and polyester film enclosed with a high tensile copper steel spiral helix wire and does not produce poisonous gas when being exposed on fire.



Diameter Range:          52mm~610mm

Temperature Range:       -30℃ to +140℃

Operating Air Velocity:      30m/s

Operating Pressure:       Max.+2500Pa

Bending  Radius:         Min.0.54×D

Standard Length:           10m



  • General air supply systems
  • Air conditioning systems