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High Quality Insulated Polyester Flexible Duct Supplier

Suzhou Dake Jing Feng Pipe Co. Limited (Dakemach) has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of quality insulated polyester flexible duct. Our duct products are priced competitively and are supported by experts and excellent customer service. We carry a huge amount of stock available for express delivery!

Range of Insulated Flexible Duct

Here at Dakemach all of our ventilation products including industrial flexible ducts are produced and tested to achieve the best quality possible. Our range of flexible ducting ranges in different diameters and sizes across various options.

Complete Testing

Each of our products including insulated polyester flexible duct is offered after complete testing so that our customers can get full confidence in their purchase! All technical information can be found on our product page with information on ratings and product specs.

Complete Client Satisfaction

We take pride in our high standard of customer satisfaction. Therefore, we offer many different products including industrial flexible ducts. We offer next-day delivery with a warranty period.

Also, we boast an expert client service team ready and waiting to resolve all the queries you may have regarding insulated flexible duct or any other product.

Why Choose Us

Through Dakemach, you get the following benefits:

  • Through a wide range of insulated ducts to ensure that Dakemach is the correct choice for all hose and ducting needs.
  • Over 20 years of experience in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of industrial flexible ducts and foil ducts.
  • We are a flexible partner to manufacture the customized insulated polyester flexible duct to satisfy clients’ needs.
  • We have an adaptable workforce with flexible manufacturing facilities and an unmatched team spirit.
  • Decent stockholdings of duct products.
  • We believe that producing for our client’s demanding needs is a sign of sound business for today and tomorrow.

Our Way Forward

We always keep our vision in front of us, which is to provide our retailers and wholesalers with industrial flexible ducts that are worth appreciation due to their high quality.

As an experienced insulated flexible duct company, we aim to weave client loyalty and commitment by having experts that have a sense of reliability and passion within their work commitments.

We always believe that our recurring customers are our strength. Whether we sell our insulated flexible duct or any other product, we make sure we win the hearts of our clients by helping them resolve their problems through our products.

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